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Lessons & Classes

Palatine Stables Lesson Program offers Group lessons to riders of all ages, whether it’s your first time on a horse or an experienced advanced rider. Private or Semi-Private lessons are offered based on instructor availability and/or a rider's level of abilities. Our lesson programs are safety oriented and focus on all areas of horsemanship.  Lessons are offered from the Introductory level through the Advance Hunter-Jumper levels, whether you own your own horse or not.  We have a variety of well-trained school horses to accommodate our students in lessons.

Online Registration
Registration for Introduction to Horsemanship (ages 7-adult) and Little Riders Introduction to Horsemanship (ages 4-6) can be completed online or in person at Palatine Stables, Birchwood Recreation Center, Community Center, or Falcon Park Recreation Center.


Registration for Group Lessons at levels beyond the Introductory classes require a private lesson evaluation to properly place a rider into an appropriate Group Lesson at their level. Evaluation lessons can be scheduled by contacting the Stables directly at 847-359-0009 during our hours of operation. 

This class is required for all new students. It covers basic horsemanship skills including safety, grooming, tacking, and basic riding skills, thus building a foundation for our continuing riding program. Three lessons are non-riding. Students will learn to enter a horse's stall and lead the horse from its stall to the arena. They will also learn to tighten the girth and adjust their stirrups, techniques to properly mount a horse, the proper dismounting procedures, and returning the horse to its stall. As students become more proficient with these skills actual riding time will increase accordingly. Students and parents should also be aware that due to the nature of the horse, behaviors such as spooking, biting, kicking, bucking, and playing will occur. "How to" handle these situations as a rider are an integral part of horsemanship and will be addressed in lessons.

Is your child in love with ponies? Do they want to learn to ride? This program is the perfect place for them to begin to get involved in the wonderful world of ponies and horses. Children ages 4-6 will learn to be comfortable with our little four-legged friends and be introduced to basics of riding and working around our ponies. Participants should wear long pants and hard soled shoes or boots, helmets are provided for use.

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Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Private lessons are only offered to Boarders or advanced level competitive riders who lease horses.


Palatine Stables offers private lessons for riders with special needs. Special needs 30-minute private lessons are $58.00, package of 5 special needs private lessons is $261.00, and package of 10 special needs private lessons is $522.00. Group lessons for riders with special needs are offered through Northwest Special Recreation Association (NWSRA). For more information or to check on the availability for a private lesson, call the Stables at 847.359.0009.

Group Lessons

Evaluation is required for placement in continuing classes for riders with riding experience. New riders can enroll in introductory group lessons without being evaluated. Fees for a 1 one-hour lesson is $54.00 for residents, $56.00 for non-residents. Discounted rate available for pre-payment of full session. 

Pony Rides

Call the Stable to reserve a 10-minute time slot to bring your child to our Pony Place for a pony ride! Pony Rides are based on time slot availability for children ages 1-10 under 4'6" and less than 75 lbs. Pony Rides are $9.00 and required a phone reservation.

Year-Round Hours: Saturday & Sunday, 9:30am-12:00pm

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